Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mini Rocky attack

Thomas took this video last night, but it is sideways. In picasa, I figured out how to rotate it, but then when I exported, it went back to normal. Argh! It looks much better rotated, but you can still get the general idea sideways.

In any case, he captured on video a mini Rocky attack. In the beginning, you can hear his whistling/breathing thing he does when he's contemplating an attack. He slowly approaches his prey (Thomas and the camera.) Then he attacks, retreats, attacks again, thinks of attacking me, goes back to Thomas; end scene:

Since it involved Thomas and no bloodshed, I suspect this was a fake attack from the beginning.

Note: I have been trying to post this for several days, but am yet again running into video processing problems with blogger! I shouldn't complain, since it's free, but it's getting irritating! So this really happened on Monday night, not that it really matters.

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