Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting dressed

Max sometimes like to imitate us as we do things. For example, when I put a coat on, she moves her wings so she "puts a coat on," or when I put deodorant on, she quickly rubs her beak up and down the side of her wing so she "puts deodorant on." I hope to make a video of this someday, but she is unpredictable as to when she'll do this and it's quick, so usually not enough time to get the camera. The timing will have to be perfect.

Last week, she did one of the funniest ones yet, though I didn't see it. She'd followed Thomas upstairs after a shower and "put her pants on." This involved slowly lifting her feet up and then a final jump. Her reenactment was much more dramatic than Thomas actually putting pants on! (Though Thomas's reenactment of Max's reenactment -- since I wasn't in the room to witness Max -- was something to see!)

Yesterday, she started mimicking Thomas while he was putting his shoes on for his post-work run. I was gearing up to take a picture as she was hanging out with his shoes; if only I'd have had time to switch the camera to movie mode, but these still shots will have to do:I'm not exactly sure why wings were involved in putting shoes on (though Thomas did have to bend down and use his arms to tie the laces), but that's what Max did.

All ready to go for a run!

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