Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy fall!

I took a couple of pictures of the trees in our front yard. They are just so beautiful!I think fall might be my favorite time of year. The weather is just perfect, and squash and apples come into season. Running in the coolness is infinitely more pleasurable than in the searing heat.

As usual, we have lots of plans for the weekend, including attending a concert of rarely played medieval music. Hopefully some hiking/bird watching. A bit of brewing, some knitting, and running. I must lift weights for the first time in several months. Possibly some raking, given the state of our trees! And of course, lots of parrot-time. I need longer weekends!

We were up at the rescue yesterday (I go most Thursdays, but Thomas had to head up to do some grooming on recently-surrendered parrots). As usual, it was so hard not to take a bunch of these guys home. I am in love with a couple of greys, a couple of amazons, and a macaw. Among others.

Instead of taking anyone else home (Must. Have. Limits.), we returned to our house and smothered the parrots we already have with attention.

I hope everyone reading this has a fantastic weekend as well!

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