Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another break-in

Last night, Rocky again opened up the food door to Steve's cage and wandered in. At this point, the main cage door was closed. He then started pacing and doing his vomit-sounds, so we knew screaming was imminent if he didn't get what he wanted -- the cage door opened.

I'm not sure why he couldn't have sat on this perch and preened with the door shut, but such is the mind of a parrot.Personally, I think it's ridiculous to break into a closed cage and then scream because of where you are!

Another picture, just so you can see the beautiful blue of his flight feathers:
In other Rocky developments, Thomas informed me that I needed to break open Rocky's grapes before giving them to him. What? If the caiques, with their much smaller beaks, can break into the thin skin of a grape, a severe macaw certainly can. Also, his beak has no problems breaking through nuts or our aquarium stand!

When presented with a whole grape, Rocky balked at first but then had no problems eating it. And Thomas accuses me of babying the greys!

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Michelle said...

Rocky sure is a beautiful bird. Love that he still has to get into Steve's cage. I've never heard a bird make vomit sounds...hmmm, I hope that is one sound my birds never learn to make...LOL!