Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Air flow

This is where Rocky spent most of the weekend: perched on the edge of the couch, enjoying the flow of air coming from the air purifier:I wanted to maybe get him a little fan in his cage, so he could choose to get air blown on him whenever he wanted, but Thomas told me that was ridiculous and this will have to be a pleasure enjoyed only while out!


D. Richard said...

The best thing would be to use a Computer 12volt DC fan, small filter on the back side ( use a 3m green scratch pad for the filter ) If he bites through the wires to the fan it will not electrocute him > Take a pull chain like on a ceiling fan and teach him to turn it on and off himself

Luckybird said...

D.Richard...that's brilliant!

Maybe, I'll try it with Lucky.
I was going to say that one of Lucky's newest joys is when I blow gently on him, myself. He closes his eyes, goes into a half begging posture, lifts his wings a bit, etc. The first time I did it, I wasn't sure he'd like it, but he does, so, okay.

Lucky's mom.

D. Richard said...

Luckybird , I can even make you one if you like , I have some old fans now my addy id roverpilot at g mail dot c o m , When I posted my addy before it was stripped out of my post , same with the pictures links i tried to post . I tried to put the link to picasa web dot google dot com forward slash roverpilot forward slash MyParrots #

Mary said...

D. Richard, you are full of wonderful ideas! I will see if I can figure out how to do this. I would love to give him the option of wind whenever he wanted it!

Also, with that last link, I was finally able to see your parrots. They are all so gorgeous! I particularly liked the picture of your two lovebirds in the snuggle hut, but I am partial to lovebirds :)

Luckybird -- that's such a cute mental image of you blowing on him! Have you tried a blow dryer on him, or is that too scary?

D. Richard said...

Just a word of safety , if someone does use a ceiling fan switch , please replace the ball chain with a leather shoe lace , A parrot will brake apart the metal balls and might swallow them .

Luckybird said...

Hi, D. Richard.
Your pix are adorable. Seeing a Fischers and a Peachface together is interesting. I have 4 peachfaces; 2 the same color as yours & 2 the light color version with lots of yellow.
I love that your quaker and your greencheek are pals.
I laughed when I saw the pic of your greencheek on the fan, & Lucky laughed along with me:)

I think a blowdryer would scare the pants off of Lucky. He's terrified of the vacuum. If I ever wanted to teach him to fly, all I'd have to do is vacuum around him on a regular basis and he'd be flying in no time. If the vacuum gets too close to him, he takes off and ends up crashlanding in another part of the house, kind of like Kramer would enter a room.

He's seen the tiels all take off in a whirling dervish. That just overwhelms him. Then when they end up on curtain rods or on the railing of the loft, he's totally bewildered.