Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rocky's breakfast cage

I still haven't gotten around to cleaning out Steve's cage. It hasn't quite been a week since he's been gone, and I'll get to it soon, but it's been a hectic few days so haven't had the time. I have washed out his food and water dishes and put them back, clean. Thomas thinks we should just keep it as Rocky's breakfast cage since he likes to climb around it.

Last night, Rocky was climbing around and playing with Steve's toys from the outside of the cage (the toys were on the inside; Rocky was on the outside.)I opened the door for him, and he immediately went to where Steve's food dish used to be. Now, it's just an empty, clean dish. I couldn't get a picture fast enough, but he kept sticking his head in his dish and then fake eating.
I should have time to thoroughly clean the cage this weekend, but maybe we'll leave it in the kitchen as a sort of play gym. We'll see.

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