Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stella's guide to getting what you want

Last night, Thomas was relaxing in the kitchen, reading a magazine. Stella decided she wanted some head pets, so she put a plan in motion.

Step one: approach your target; act really cute. Unfortunately, this method of indirect communication may not work, especially if your target is reading a magazine and therefore ignoring you.Step two: ask nicely. She pushed the nape of her neck into his hand. Even though he knew what she wanted, he was curious what she'd do next, so did not immediately comply.
Step three: repeat your demand, possibly with more force. Here, she gives his hand a gentle nip. Pay attention to me! Pet my head!
Step four: success! It may be hard to see from this angle, but his little finger is scratching her neck.
Silliness aside, things like this make me so happy! I love watching the parrots try to figure out a solution to their problem; especially if that solution does not involve biting, screaming, or any other undesirable behaviors!


belovedparrot said...

Your parrots are clearly in heaven. Just think of it -- two humans who are so trainable that biting is not necessary!

Shannon said...

Love it! Stella is a dear.