Friday, October 29, 2010

Serenade for parrots

Last night, Thomas had one of his (and the parrots') favorite CDs playing. He'd been wandering around the parrots, singing to them. Max had enough, and in the middle of her serenade, she flew off to her stand!

Rocky, however, loved it:Then, Max was a little sad that she'd spurned his afffections:
It's kind of hard to hear over Thomas and the CD, but when he sings like this to Rocky, Rocky hums a little bit. There's also some dancing. At the very end, that's Stella "singing" and Beeps beeping.


Meg said...

Rocky is so cute! frank loves singing back to me as well, but with him it is the opposite- it is hard to hear myself or the CD over him!

belovedparrot said...

I'm about to die from cute overload!

D. Richard said...

Did Rocky used to be called Rocket ? or was that another bird ?

Mary said...

Meg -- well, Rocky is not always so quiet :)

BP -- Thanks! He is so adorable. I just wish he'd like me :)

D. Richard -- we sometimes call him Rocket, though his true name is Rocky. He calls himself Rocky most often; occasionally Rock or Rocket.