Monday, October 18, 2010

Grape saga

Thomas left the bowl of grapes on the counter over the weekend, so Max flew over and helped herself:Stella had previously thrown all offered grapes to the ground, so I was shocked when I noticed her chewing in front of the bowl:
For a short while, the greys were eating grapes in harmony:
Until Stella decided that the grapes on Max's side were more appealing:
I soon realized that Stella's aversion to holding food in her foot had a role in this. She loves grapes; she just doesn't want to hold them! I also realized that she'd taken one bite out of about 5 different grapes. Not wanting her to ruin the entire bowl, I had to take a different tactic:
I had to put the bowl back, so Max had grapes handed to her as well. As long as the bowl was around, Stella would prefer to take one bite out of each grape rather than eating the ones in front of her!

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belovedparrot said...

Every birdie knows that the first bite of anything is the best. Why bother with subsequent bites when there's another first bite to be had?