Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stairing contest

The greys have been providing us with endless entertainment. Over the weekend, they were wandering around the house together, walking between the living room and kitchen and hanging out in the hallway.

They weren't getting into trouble, so I left them to their wackiness, albeit with some reminders that they can fly.

I think Stella wouldn't mind being friends with Max, but Max doesn't reciprocate. She allows Stella to come relatively close to her, and seems to enjoy being in the same room with Stella, but does not want to get too close. And sometimes she tries to escape from Stella and hang out with the humans. It's possible Max doesn't recognize that she is a bird!Perhaps to try to get away from Stella, Max climbed up a few stairs, but then wouldn't let Stella follow her. I was worried that carpet attacking might follow this, so they were removed from this area after I took the picture.


D. Richard said...

"I was worried that carpet attacking might follow this" Please define carper attacking

Mary said...

D. Richard, I will try to get a video of Stella tonight. Basically, it involves ripping the carpet strands off of the floor. We really don't want to have to replace the carpet before we move!