Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tug of War

The greys engaged in a tug of war over Thomas's breakfast over the weekend.

After Stella had eaten more than enough, he rigged the game so Max could get some. Stella showed her displeasure by applying pressure to Thomas's fingers -- she could have bitten him, but didn't. She just wanted him to know she didn't like this turn of events:Who would have thought that oatmeal, a bit of dried fruit, and almond milk would be so popular?


Michelle said...

Stella knows what is good and yummy. Almond milk makes everything good! I love to see your greys all full feathered and beautiful. My Timothy is making strides, but still feather picks. I think I will treat him to some oatmeal and almond milk!

Love the video and hearing the bird chatter in the background.

HungryBird said...

Have you ever made oatmeal for your birds? I made oatmeal for my birds and I added walnuts, almonds, cinnamon, and red palm oil. I also sprinkled some bee pollen on top. They really liked it!