Friday, October 15, 2010

Max eats

My favorite farmer had grapes from his vineyard for sale this week which made the parrots, especially Max, very happy:As Thomas was pouring himself some almond milk last night, he noticed that the container suggested to share with a friend, so he took the container up on its advice:When Max eats something she particularly likes, especially if it's warm, she gulps it, like at the end here. What could possibly make her this happy? Sauteed zucchini!


Shannon said...

About grapes, it's a conspiracy! The grape seems to be Steve's favorite fruit right now. He will take it above anything else!

belovedparrot said...

Mary & Shannon -- I keep telling y'all, The Great Parrot Takeover is coming soon!

Mary: What is the name of the sanctuary where you volunteer? I have a friend who thinks she might have to give up her aged umbrella cockatoo; long story, but I said I'd help her find a good one if it comes to that. Sanctuary, not a rescue. (You can write me privately.) Thanks!