Monday, December 1, 2008

Angry Max

I am a magazine addict. I subscribe to way too many, but I read them all and I'm able to recycle most of them by passing them along to friends.

One of the perks, that I used to find annoying, pre-parrots, is all of the card inserts asking you to subscribe (I already do!) The parrots love them.

At least they do, usually. As I opened the magazine, Max started repeating, "want some!" Believing her, I offered them up. Apparently she didn't really want some.

But then, as parrots as known to do, she changed her mind:

Here is a still photo with her holding the insert. I just love the delicate way her foot encapsulates the paper.Max isn't the only one who enjoys the inserts. I couldn't decide which picture of Beeps I preferred, so they are both included here:
Beeps continues to be hormonal, but he's getting better. He's been able to spend a lot more time out of his cage and has only jumped me once in the past few days. The end is in sight!

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DoodleBird said...

I'm glad the end is in sight for