Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Monday evening, I was making the humans' dinner (chili), the parrots' dinner (mash from ParrotNutz), and sandwiches for the humans' Tuesday lunches.

Thomas was playing videogames and had Rocky with him. Then Rocky tried to bite him, for no discernable reason, so he went in his cage until dinner was ready. Stella and Daphne were in their cages for safety (Stella because the stove was on so I could cook the chili, Daphne because I couldn't be directly supervise and worry about her because she is so much smaller than the caiques). The caiques were playing on their respective cages.

I was trying to multi-task making three meals at once (I know, I'm exaggerating a bit) and set the bread on the counter while I went to stir the chili. Seeing an opportunity, Max swooped in and started nibbling on the (frozen) bread. After taking a picture, I moved the bread. She then immediately ran to the block of cheese I was going to shred for chili topping, and took a huge bite through the plastic!She was tossed back to her stand, where she stayed for a few minutes. After the bread and cheese were put away, she came back over to the counter and started throwing a fit because she wanted her dinner. You can hear Beeps and, towards the end, Rocky clamoring to be fed also. Keep in mind that I had left work early and they were getting dinner about an hour before they normally would.

The parrots' dinner needs to steep for about 15 minutes, and this must be the longest 15 minutes of their lives. As soon as Max sees me with the bag, she starts demanding, "want some!" even after I explain to her that she should know by now that she has to wait for it to finish. Patience is definitely not one of the parrots' strong points!

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