Monday, December 22, 2008

Games Rocky and I play

I have mentioned many times that Rocky does not like me. He demonstrates this, verbally and non-verbally, every day. However, I am very persistent and keep hoping that someday there may be a detente.

There are several games that Rocky only plays with me. I'm sure he'd play them with Thomas, if Thomas were interested. However, my husband is gracious enough to let certain things happen only between Rocky and me, to make them more special.

One game we play together is that I'll make a clicking sound, and he'll repeat it. Then, I'll move on to another noise which he repeats. Sometimes he initiates the changes, and sometimes I do.

Rocky was in the bathroom because I was cooking while home alone. Rocky kept climbing on Daphne's cage, which upset her. He screamed when I put him in his cage, but since he likes hanging out in the bathroom, is contained there, and can't bother Daphne, that's where he went. I'd go in every few minutes to check in on him. His beak is a bit dirty since he'd just had dinner and didn't clean up after himself adequately!

In this second video, Rocky is a bit distracted since Max flew into the bathroom for a bit of attention herself.


Sammi said...

I *love* hearing Rocky laugh! It's adorable!

DoodleBird said...

haha, that's adorable! I notice all the while he's got his wings up "warning" you. hahaha

Mary said...

Sammi -- it's so infectious! And it seems to happen at either appropriate or extremely inappropriate times, which makes it even funnier :)

DB -- of course! I am the enemy! And he constantly has to show me how big and scary he is!