Friday, December 5, 2008

Great noodle theft of 2008

The great noodle theft of 2008 took place in my kitchen, right under my nose. Plus, the thief had the audacity to steal another noodle after she was removed from the scene of the crime:Other, more patient, birds were supplied with their own noodles and didn't have to forage in their owners' bowls:Noodle beak:
This picture is rather fuzzy, so I wasn't going to post it; however, I love the way her right foot has left her perch -- she's raising it to ask to be picked up. Which of course, I did, after putting the camera down.

I know this blog isn't entitled "Lizard Musings," however, Andreas has recently given me too much blog fodder to ignore. Upon returning home from work, he was, yet again out. This is really baffling to me. While I haven't been keeping records, he mostly hung out in his hide last winter. I'd see him maybe 2-3 times per week, and sometimes I'd go weeks without seeing him.

He's been out of his hide every day for at least the past two weeks. I had to take this picture since he had leaves on the outside of his mouth. Apparently my parrots aren't the only messy ones in my house!Hope everyone has a great weekend! Unfortunately, more snow is expected here :(


Sammi said...

How is "snow" unfortunate? Snow is SO AWESOME! (Of course, this is coming from someone who sees maybe only an inch a year.)

Mary said...

Oh Sammi, was I thinking of you as I was shoveling Wednesday and trying to be more positive about the snow!

I do like how pretty it looks, and I love cross country skiing. I hate having to shovel and drive in it.

Sugar Selections said...

Has the lizard tank been warmer than usual lately? I've found that as little as 1-2 degrees higher in temperature can make a significant difference in the activity levels of my hermit crabs. I bought a really accurate digital thermometer/hygrometer meant for cigar humidors so I have an easier time of maintaining the best conditions for them.

I don't eat pasta myself, but at least once a month I cook a tiny bit of spaghetti for one of my sugar gliders, Nocturne. He's incredibly picky but he loves pasta. He does this weird routine where he wrestles around with a long strand of spaghetti like it's an out of control fire hose.

Mary said...

What I think happened is when we were on vacation, our furnace went out, so it was a lot cooler than normal (the house was 53 degrees when we got home instead of 68) so the normal heat now seems really warm to him. I'll have to look into a humidor thermometer/hygrometer. Right now, I use an infrared thermometer to make sure they're staying warm enough, but do worry about humidity.

That sounds like such an adorable thing to watch with the pasta. I hope you can get that on video some day!