Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last night, the parrots were so happy to see Thomas again since he had not been home the previous night. In the evening, he was trying to get caught up with the paper, but Max kept bumping her head into his hand, asking for head pets. He was happy to oblige as it does not impact his paper-reading ability.
Later on, I was temporarily unable to locate Rocky. He was sitting quietly (!) on a stand where he rarely goes, and had blended into the background of the plants. The Christmas cactus is (barely) blooming again!
Last night was a rough night. The parrots were very demanding and Thomas was in a bad mood due to lack of sleep the previous night. We ended up putting them to bed about 15 minutes earlier than normal. They weren't happy with this -- both of the greys kept yelling "hello!" and Rocky was ringing his bell. But it was necessary for our sanity. I know they're just being wild animals and not intentionally irritating, but I had to keep reminding myself of that fact last night. Everyone seemed to be in a much improved mood this morning! In fact, Calypso was being so adorable, it was very difficult to leave for work as I wanted to stay with him all day!

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