Monday, December 1, 2008

A Weekend of Greys

Since I was at home much of the weekend, that meant I was often accompanied by two grey beings.

In this video, I captured another one of their interactions. Stella will sometimes fly at Max, like here, and then the two of them do a couple of laps of the room, finally landing on separate perches. I am very curious about this behavior. Is it play? Does Stella really want to "get" Max? Neither one seems upset when they do this, and are normal right afterward, also. Right now, I just monitor this and make sure that no one gets injured.

Max was obsessed with an orange cup that Thomas had placed in the sink.She'd go over and knock it down, then I'd stand it back up again, and she'd have to knock it down. I got tired of this game before she did.

Another video of Stella digging. Thomas and I were talking about our greys and hormones over the weekend. Neither one of them gives us any trouble, although I realize that trouble could pop up at any time! Max is 7, and we've never seen any hormonal behavior from her.

Stella does enjoy digging in the carpet, but steps up when asked, with no biting. I'm really trying to discourage this behavior in her, as I don't want it to trigger any egg-laying (and potential egg-binding).

Of course she didn't do it when I took this video, but Max will often say "Up!" when I crouch down to pick Stella up from the carpet. Then, Max says "good girl!" when Stella steps up. That makes me laugh every time!


Mallow said...

Did you know that even the unweaned babies dig?

Mary said...

I did not know that. Interesting! I've only ever seen (in person) 2 greys dig -- one female at the rescue who was about the same age as Stella and Stella. I assumed it was hormonally driven, but perhaps that is not the case. Thanks so much for telling me that!