Monday, December 29, 2008

More greys

I have been home a lot more than usual lately. We've been unfortunate in getting ridiculous amounts of snow, so I've not been at work as much as normal. (That's why my blog posting has been sporadic and blog reading has been almost non-existent. I hope to get caught up this week!)

This, however, has made the parrots, especially the greys, very happy. They still don't physically interact in a positive way (I posted last week that Stella pinned Max -- Max has been very wary of her since then) and may never do so. However, I think that they enjoy having another grey in the house.

Last night, Thomas asked them, "Can't you be in separate rooms?" because as soon as one flies in, the other is soon to follow. Yet they don't call to each other when they are out of sight. It's so fun to watch their behavior, and writing this blog helps me see changes in their behavior over time.

I thought this was a nice picture of Stella -- you can see the nuance of grey coloring on her feathers. I used to think that greys were rather drab, but they have such an understated brilliance about them.Max still has been coveting the empty almond shells left by Rocky and Stella. She is either unable (or unwilling to spend the time) to crack open almond shells. We've taken to slightly cracking the nut to give her a head start. Or just giving her an empty shell since that seems to make her just as happy.
We got a new humidifier over the weekend. We're hoping that it will help with Stella's feather regrowth. It can't currently be in the living room due to the lizards (the increased humidity could make them sick). But, we have plans to move the lizards to another room in the spring, and the parrots will get the new humidifer. Until then, it's in our bedroom. Thomas held Stella up to the mist -- she quite enjoyed it!
But this did cause me quite a scare when I woke up in the middle of the night and worried there was an apparition in our room. I guess it will take some time to get used to it!

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