Monday, December 22, 2008

Other weekend images

On Friday, I was spraying everyone down with the water bottle. I don't know exactly what happened, but all of a sudden Beeps took off and landed in one of our plants. If you look closely, you can see water drops still on the plant.

He hung out in the plant for a while -- it seemed like he wasn't sure how to get out? After taking this picture, he stepped up on my hand and then flew back to his stand.My parents gave us an old rug they had, and I put it in front of the kitchen sink. As you might expect, it has been a big hit with Stella.

Here she is, digging (you can see little pieces of carpet that she's dislodged):
After I took the first picture, she came over and gave me a questioning look:She is so very determined to dig in the carpet, and I am so very determined that she not do such a thing. It doesn't bother me that she's ruining the carpet, but I don't want this to trigger hormonal activity and possibly lead to egg-binding. Can I defeat a parrot in a battle of wills? Stay tuned!


DoodleBird said...

awwww, Beeps little eye is closed. cute!

Has Stella been egg bound before?

Beloved Parrot said...

Mary said...

DB -- I did have a picture with his eye open, but thought this one was cuter. He is so adorable!

Stella never has been egg bound, but it's something we want to make sure continues not to happen!

BP -- very cute :)