Monday, December 8, 2008

Yogurt and other madness

We had another nice weekend, with lots of parrot-time. A snowstorm on Friday night/Saturday morning relegated us to spending most of the day indoors as neither of us wanted to drive anywhere. The parrots love it when that happens!

On Sunday, one of my parrot-loving friends came over. Everyone was quite well-behaved, and Max loved showing off all of her tricks to an audience. She loves showing how smart she is!

Last week, I posted about Max having a feather on her head. She's not the only grey with that problem in our house!Thomas was setting the camera up on our tripod and Rocky had to come over to investigate.
Saturday, Thomas was playing video games, and Rocky was perched on the arm of the chair. Apparently this new game he was playing has monsters that jump out of the shadows. When a scary monster would appear, Rocky would jump a little and let out a scream. Then he'd laugh.

On Saturday morning, Max had to help herself to the remains of my breakfast (oatmeal):
Thomas had been eating a yogurt. After he finished, instead of disposing of the container immediately, he left it on the table. Unable to pass up such an opportunity, Max flew down to help herself to the yogurt stuck to the sides of the container. Since she is nosy, Stella followed her, even though she does not like yogurt. It appeared that her goal was to stop Max from eating yogurt as opposed to trying to get some for herself.
I got a bit of it on video. Finally, Max gives up and walks away. Then Stella, picking up speed, runs after her. I didn't tape the very end, but then they flew a couple of laps around the kitchen and landed on separate perches.

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