Thursday, December 11, 2008

More food pictures

In addition to the mashes we bought from Parrotnutz, we also bought some treats. We'd previously bought Logs, Nuggets, and Squares, and they were once again a hit. This time, there was also a new product: ParrotPlopz. The Plopz are made with human-grade ingredients and don't have seeds in them, which means I can sneak a taste or two as I hand them out to the parrots.

Here is Max, eating a nugget:And then she also got a plopz:Beeps with a plopz:Then, he accidentally dropped his food, so he had to go down to the bottom of his stand to finish it off:Occasionally, something spooks my birds, and they take off at the same time, do a lap or two of the kitchen, and land someplace other than where they started. It's very strange -- I'm not sure what sparks this. But, it happened last night. Usually, the birds drop everything during this chaotic time; however, last night, Beeps held on to his nugget, landing on the plant stand:And, Stella held on to her plopz, landing on the floor:For dinner, I was making their mash, which requires me to add boiling water and let the mixture steep for 15 minutes. Max decided she didn't want to wait until the food was ready:I did move her after taking this picture and gave her a (probably futile) talk about the virtue of patience.

While dinner was cooking, Rocky decided to hang out with Thomas's feet:
I had to take this picture of Andreas because of the way he was posed. His neck is so stretched out -- I can't imagine this is comfortable for him! He stayed this way for at least 15 minutes before moving on to bask somewhere else.I was hoping to announce that Beeps had come through his hormonal period, but that may be a bit premature. He has been so much more pleasant lately. He can be out of his cage when we eat dinner, and I can say the word "babycake" without getting attacked. However, this morning he flew at me as I walked near his cage, carrying Stella's and Rocky's water dishes. I spilled some water on the floor, and he immediately flew to the inside of his cage, where he was enclosed. But we're almost there!

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DoodleBird said...

hahaha, those must be some good treats! I can't believe they BOTH held on to them even in a panic.

And I wouldn't get my hopes up, I've had that talk with Nani (patience) and it has gone in one ear and out the other. *sigh*