Monday, December 29, 2008


Last week Friday, Thomas had an unexpected morning with the parrots. They took full advantage of that! Beeps had been on his stand, but then he flew over to Thomas's shoulder. Immediately Rocky, who had been playing with the nuts, had to come over to stake his claim:
After I took the above picture, Thomas and I were talking, and I noticed that when he'd cock his head, Beeps would move his at the same angle. It was adorable!Beeps really isn't allowed on shoulders (his beak can do serious damage and it's hard to watch his body language up there. We definitely want to avoid face bites!), So Thomas placed him on his lap. Beeping, he started climbing up Thomas's shirt to be closer to him.

It kind of looks like he's reading the paper!If you looked closely in the preceding picture, you may have noticed two feet approaching Thomas's arm. That's right -- Rocky was displeased with the attention Beeps was getting and came in to get a piece of the action.
Rocky doesn't seem to mind if Thomas interacts with the other parrots, as long as Rocky doesn't feel he's being slighted. He's more than willing to share, but doesn't want to be left out!

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DoodleBird said...

you're stories make me wish I had a flock too. Just to watch how they interact is so interesting (and cute).