Thursday, December 18, 2008


I got bit last night. One guess who? As I hear a collective, "Rocky!" let me tell you that you are right. There are some people out there who make comments like, "Every time someone gets bit by a parrot it's their own fault." Cases like mine show the folly of making such all-or-nothing statements, especially when intelligent, sentient beings are involved.

I do have a picture of my bite, but forgot my camera at home today, so will update this post with my bite picture later. This may not happen until Monday if the anticipated 12-15 inches of snow appears overnight, in which case I will be taking tomorrow off.

I came home last night, quickly ate something, and prepared to leave for a Christmas gathering with my running friends. This is a tradition that I love. We meet and run for about an hour, and then we go to someone's house where we eat and socialize. I can eat a few extra cookies when I've just finished a run! I brought double chocolate bars from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.

I placed my running jacket on the table as I was getting ready. Rocky gave it the business, as he does with blankets, then he got interested in something else. I put the jacket on, and was standing by the back door saying goodbye to Thomas. Rocky climbed up onto the kitchen counter and, with no warning, jumped several feet and immediately began attacking my upper back.

Thomas was right there, so he grabbed Rocky off of me, receiving his own bite in the process.

This is the first time that Rocky has jumped anyone (me) while his wings were fully clipped. I'm not sure if it's because he had just been playing with my jacket and then he saw me wearing it, of if it was the headband/ear warmer I was wearing that kind of looked like a hat (though black, not red).

In any case, I was lucky that I was dressed for running in about 8 degree weather, as my layers protected me from anything more painful. And now I'll be keeping an even closer eye on Rocky. I told him he'd better start behaving himself since the parrots will be alone with me quite frequently in January as well (Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! said in an evil tone).


Beloved Parrot said...

I did a consultation once for an amazon that was on its playstand behind a woman who was taking a nap on the couch. Bird could see her but she couldn't see him. She was asleep and not snoring or waving her limbs about.

The bird suddenly flew over and bit her.

When I talked to my mentor about it, she said there's ALWAYS a warning a bird's about to bite and there's ALWAYS a reason. But in this case whatever "reason" there was was in the mind of the amazon and only the amazon.

So I agree about those all-or-nothing statements. And it's a good thing when we can figure out what "sets off" a parrot and stop it before it starts.

Hope your wound is healing quickly!

Mary said...

It's really a stretch for me to call it a bite since there was no bleeding. There certainly would have been lots of blood if my clothes had been thinner. So I'm calling it a bite since that was his intent. It just looks like a small scratch today, and the pain was gone after about 15 minutes.

Nothing happened yesterday (other than the jacket and hat) that hadn't happened a thousand times before with him. So, like the amazon story, his reason for biting me is known only to him.

I'm not willing to blame myself for this, nor am I angry at him for being a wild animal. But the only way for me to prevent all possibility of bites with him would be to leave him in his cage all of the time and I'm obviously not willing to do that either :)

Increased vigilance will result!!! But I did label this entry bite so I can easily track when the next one happens.

Stephanie said...

Yikes! You do have to stay on your toes with parrots as pets...

Mary said...

Stephanie -- with Rocky and Beeps, that's certainly true in my house! This bite turned out to be nowhere near as severe as I'd first thought. Luckily I was wearing several layers which saved my skin!