Monday, July 27, 2009

Beeps revises his list of triggers

Throughout this blog, I've made comments about certain things that set Beeps off on a vicious attack, and even made a list that was pretty comprehensive, at the time, which I've reproduced, with comments, below:
  • Humans eating
  • Changing the food and/or water dishes in any of the birds' cages
  • Paying attention to the lizards [this is OK now]
  • Reading books on the couch [he's fine with books but now magazines or catalogs set him off]
  • Feeding the fish
  • Sitting on the floor
  • Watering the plants
  • Saying the word "Babycake" [usually OK with this now; depends on inflection]
  • Being in possession of any kind of technology [he's OK with everything except nail clippers, which aren't even that technologically advanced!]
  • Brooms
  • Touching newspaper

Sadly, a few things have needed to be added to the list:
  • Holding a container similar to the one in which the lizards' food is kept
  • Any kind of cleaning
  • Taking a nap on the couch -- he's OK with lying down on the couch -- as soon as eyes are closed, he attacks
  • Asking him to step up while holding a towel
Thomas and I, respectively, found out about these last two the hard way in the past week.

Thomas had returned home after working 30 hours straight. He should have gone to the bedroom to sleep, but felt bad that he hadn't spent much time with the parrots lately, so decided to go on the couch in the living room instead. He kept the greys locked up since they get into too much trouble, and Daphne because he didn't want her to be in harm's way from any of the larger birds. Rocky and the caiques were free.

Calypso didn't bother anyone, of course, and Rocky behaved surprisingly well. He was just happy to be in Thomas's presence. Beeps was fine, flying back and forth between his cage and the couch, playing with his toys, eating, etc. Then Thomas fell asleep, and was awoken by a sharp pain in his neck caused when Beeps pierced his skin! Later tests performed when Thomas pretended to fall asleep resulted in attacks that he was able to stop in time. So now Thomas has to be very careful about not falling asleep on the couch unless Beeps is locked up!

Saturday morning, I showered with Max and Calypso. After, still holding my bath towel, I went around and let Stella, Rocky, and Beeps out. Beeps stepped up on my hand just fine, showing no indication of agitation. However, he bent down and bit me on the base of the finger on which he was perched! Once again, subsequent tests proved that holding a towel in his presence will result in an attempted (or successful) bite.

This just baffles me. Beeps hasn't been toweled in years, and was just fine with towels a few weeks ago.

It's just further evidence that there does not need to be a reason for something to trigger an attack, and also a reminder for us to stay on our toes around him!


Tony Wildish said...

I have to say I agree with Beeps about being called Babycakes, I wouldn't like to be called that myself. Apart from that, well, he does seem to have a bit of an attitude. Have you considered taking him to Anger Management classes?

Mary said...

Tony, you made me laugh :) He definitely needs anger management classes.

I also agree with the names -- I prefer human names myself. But since he calls himself Babycakes, you'd think we could as well :)

Have a great weekend!