Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last night, I was trying to take a picture of Stella so I could compare her feather destruction to how it was when we first got her. Since I see her every day, it's hard to detect subtle changes. I wouldn't have posted this picture, except, I thought it was pretty cute when Beeps decided he had to come over to check things out...
Thomas was unsure what time he would be home from work last night, so I did most of the preparation of dinner (salads) when I got home. Then I tried to relax by reading a book at the table while the parrots played on the stands.

I realized things had gotten quite quiet, and discovered why: Stella was eating nuts off of the salad:
I picked her up to move her to a more appropriate place, but first she grabbed a giant walnut to eat:
Later on, she was back, but eating from the other salad this time:
I was hoping she'd grab another nut when I picked her up, so I filmed it. She did grab a small walnut (though I called it an almond in the video). I wouldn't have posted the video, except I loved it when she started investigating the camera:

The greys like to perch on top of the fridge, though this is not allowed and we move them as soon as we realize where they are. The top few inches of our fridge are free of any magnets, as anything within Max's reach was removed by her beak.

I realized yesterday that Stella, being bigger, has a longer reach than Max:Beak marks in a postcard sent to use by a friend!

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