Monday, July 13, 2009

More Rocky

Though this picture is somewhat hard to see due to the fact that it was dark, there was something about it that I really liked. Perhaps it's the way his red shoulder feathers are so prominent.He was very happy to be taking a shower with Thomas, and got quite animated. Here he is, making noise and moaning. He is rarely quiet. At the end, the two of us play a coughing game for a few seconds. He will only do this with me -- if Thomas responds with a cough, Rocky will not cough again.

This is his favorite kind of singing. He does it almost every time he goes on the shower, and often when he hears a particular song or music that he likes:

This is my favorite kind of singing that he does. I can almost never understand the words he's singing, but he sounds earnest!

Thomas was home a lot this weekend, which was good for Rocky. We seem to be making progress with his hormones. All it takes is time! His screaming has been markedly less frequent than the prior week.

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