Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We had popcorn for dessert last night, and some of it escaped while Thomas was putting it into the bowls, landing on the counter. Max took full advantage of this:She made us laugh last night as she really had to stretch herself out to reach the popcorn since the table on which she's perching is much lower than the counter where the popcorn was. She could have easily climbed or flew up to the counter. We joked that she thought she was being sneaky this way.

After she got the popcorn, she ate it while wandering all over the table. We had a huge mess to clean up on the table and the floor. I question how much made it into her stomach, as the majority was swept up!
You can see crumbs beginning to form at her feet... After this picture was taken, she crunched her way around the table.


David said...

Check out the popcorn here: http://superparrots.com/tweaty-paradise-island-popcorn-pineapple-35oz-p-609.html
It is made for birds with pineapple flavor, the stuff is great.

Beloved Parrot said...

Look at those big ole eyes!