Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maybe their foraging skills aren't so stellar...

Perhaps I've given my greys too much credit for skills in the foraging arena. They're really good at asking for food any time I get near the fridge. They're also really good at sneaking bites out of our dishes. Apparently they're not so sharp at recognizing food with unusual presentation.

Last night, I missed my mark while transferring some beans into the dish. Max was saying "want some!" as both greys were following me around, trying to eat beans out of the dish. Both ignored the beans that had fallen on the counter, even after I pointed it out to them.

Finally, I brought Max over and pointed them out again, and a light went on:
After she saw what Max was doing, Stella flew over for her part:
These ladies are so alike in so many ways!


Enrico's Excotic Parrots said...

Hey I joined your blog today i'm
a parrot lover too. I started my own blog. Love your greys.

South Africa

Foraging Toys said...

Very funny. How do they do with foraging toys.