Monday, July 13, 2009


A couple of months ago, Thomas decided to quit talking about brewing his own beer and just start brewing. I'm so glad he did as it's been quite fun. He does most of the work.

We've made a weizenbier that we're drinking now, a cider (that's for me!) and a nut brown that are bottled and will be ready to drink in a few weeks, and an amber that's currently in the fermenter.

When we're doing work related to the brewing, our parrot routine is a bit altered. Normally, everyone is out of their cages when we're home, but Beeps is too unpredictable (would a part of the brewing process trigger something in him leading to an attack?) and Stella flies around, which is too distracting, so they stay in their cages. Daphne was in her cage since she's so much smaller than the other parrots and can only be out when I can supervise for her safety. Calypso was on his cage in the living room, and Rocky had chosen to stay in the living room and play by himself.

Which left Max as our only avian companion. It really made me think about how much different our lives would be if she were our only bird. It would be closer to fitting a bird into our pretty much normal lives rather than fitting our lives around the birds!

She had to investigate everything; here she's looking at the drying bottles:
Thomas was in front of her playstand, so she went as close to him as she could and acted very adorable, including begging for pets and attention, like here:He did stop a few times and give in to her demands, but mostly he had to bottle the cider. She had to wait until our hands were free!

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Beloved Parrot said...

This kind of adorable behavior is false advertising!