Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stella vs. Beeps

Thomas was home alone with the parrots yesterday. He doesn't read this blog, but he made a comment about his day that had perfect timing given one of my posts yesterday.

He made a comment about how Stella would not make a good street fighter. She doesn't understand Beeps's dirty tactics. I asked him what he meant as I'd never seen the two of them interact before.
He said that Stella had been on the grate of the stand, playing with a toy, when Beeps went into his power position (hanging upside down from the grate) and started attacking her toes. Thomas said that Stella just looked at him in a quizzical manner, not really understanding what was going on. Thomas rescued her and placed her on a stand.

In other news, the baby bunnies in my yard are growing up! Yesterday, I saw three of them in different parts of the yard. I don't have to plant anything special for them -- apparently they like the weeds just fine.
I could watch wildlife for hours. They are so interesting!

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