Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Rocky frustrations

Rocky was in full scream mode this morning, so I thought I'd take a video of it. As I've mentioned before, he stops when he sees a camera, so the video isn't entirely thrilling, and the noise level is a bit misleading since I'm around the corner and about 15 feet away from him.

He's been screaming almost non-stop when Thomas isn't home and I am. When Thomas is home, he mostly tries to nest on the couch (see below pictures) but is generally quiet. Luckily, he does not scream after bed time. This means I have a little over an hour of screaming to listen to in the morning before work and usually about 30 minutes after work until Thomas gets home. On the days Thomas has to spend the night at the hospital, that 30 minutes turns into about 3 hours.

Rocky has no reason to scream. This video was taken right after he'd been served breakfast. His cage door is open, so he can go anywhere he wants. The only thing he doesn't have is Thomas in the house.

His hormones are driving me crazy! This needs to end soon. This morning I did a really hard treadmill workout in order to get out my frustration in a positive manner. I was still on a runner's high of sorts, so the screaming wasn't that irritating this morning.

Last night when I came home from work, Thomas was in the kitchen with Beeps and the greys, and everyone else was in the living room. Yet another thing that frustrates me about Rocky's constant screaming when Thomas is gone is that he doesn't even want to be with Thomas when he's home. Rocky is perfectly happy playing in the living room while Thomas is in the kitchen. What difference does it make if Thomas is in the kitchen or at the hospital? Either way, Rocky's not getting any attention from him. So frustrating!

A few pictures from last night; of course he had to extend his wings to try to scare me away:
Looking up to make sure I'm paying attention to his performance:
I couldn't help but post so many pictures of him because they all show off his feathers differently. He is so gorgeous, and I love looking at his nuanced color.


Elizabeth said...

Stop it, Rocky!!! Such beautiful feathers, though. That aqua color is gorgeous!

Beloved Parrot said...

He is so beautiful!

Have you tried playing a video for him? How about a video of Thomas telling Rocky how beautiful he is? Just having Thomas' "presence" may be all Rocky needs to get through the Hormone Times (sounds like a good title for a soap opera). Or do you have any home movies of Thomas out and about doing interesting things?

Parrot Toys said...

I agree with the video or a tape recording. It just might settle your parrot down.

Beloved Parrot said...

And you might get some of those head sets that look like the ones airline folks wear -- you can get really good ones that block screaming but still allow you to hear "normal" sounds.

That way you can easily ignore Rocky's screams (which will drive him so crazy he just may realize it's useless and stop!).