Thursday, July 9, 2009

Max vs. Beeps, redux

Max and Beeps had us in stitches last night with their antics. They kept following each other around. It's almost like a delicately choreographed dance. Beeps doing flips, Max jumping up on the ladder at the last second...

Also, in these videos, you will notice no macaw screams! But if you listen closely, you can hear Beeps's almost constant beeping (which I enjoy).

After this went on for a while, somehow they chased each other onto the floor, where their interactions continued:
Beeps flew back onto the stand, and they continued following each other back and forth. I didn't capture the best parts of this, as Max got more interested in walking off and investigating Thomas using the food processor (making pesto). But I'm posting it anyway since it's only 20 seconds or so, and I think Beeps is incredibly cute with his pacing and beeping.

Beeps had successfully removed all of the paper in the tray. He's watching Max rip up the paper on the floor:Then, they headed over to the other stand. Beeps eventually threw all of this paper on the floor as well:
I had to post this picture because of the way he's cocked his head:
They spent most of the evening within 18 inches or so of each other. While it mostly seemed like play, we still closely supervised, especially given their history.

Their interactions just fascinate me. As I've thought so many times, I wish I knew what they were thinking!