Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Monday night, I had a meeting in the evening, which resulted in me not getting home until about 6:30. Of course, this was a day when Thomas got off of work early, so he got home around 3:30 and had 3 hours alone with the parrots.

When I got home, he said that he and the parrots had a wonderful evening and that he'd set the bar high since they'd be expecting a similar performance from me Tuesday evening when I'd be alone with them as he was working.

All I got out of him was that he'd put the Beastie Boys on the ipod (the parrots and Thomas LOVE the Beastie Boys) and that they "rocked out."

The challenge was set. Could I compare?

The answer was no. And all because of Rocky. Nothing made him happy. More nonstop screaming. Several times, I was giving him direct attention, for example playing fetch with his balls or singing and dancing. Right in the middle, he'd let out a few screams.

We survived the evening, but the parrots went to bed 30 minutes early and I did some yoga to help refocus.

Luckily Thomas is home right now and I expect that tonight will be much smoother.

Anyone interested in a cranky, loud, 22 year old severe macaw?

Of course I am not serious with this offer as I could not live with the guilt of subjecting anyone else to him!

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