Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Rocky was pretty happy that Thomas was able to breakfast with the parrots this morning. His screaming was about half of what it is when I've been alone with the parrots lately, so only about ten times more screaming than usual.

I figured after all of my complaining about him in my last post, I should post something to prove that we haven't locked him in the basement or anything!

And that's part of the trouble with him -- he can be so adorable. Sometimes I look at how cute he is and think I'm exaggerating the trouble he causes me. Then he screams again and I realize it is impossible to exaggerate.

Here he was taking coins out of our change stash and throwing them around. Coins are not really a good parrot toy, due to the fact that they are metal and dirty, but a little bit won't hurt him. Also, he's not chewing on them or trying to eat them. Plus, he needs a little happiness in his life right now -- dealing with his hormones is probably as unpleasant for him as it is for us.

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Meg said...

I know exactly what you mean! SO many times, when I talk to people about Frank, and tell some stories about his incredible intelligence, vocabulary, tricks, etc., they always say how they wish they could have him, and that he must be the best bird ever, they wish their were more like him, etc. And they always think I am complaining when I mention that very little of the road is filled with roses when it comes to Frank. Roses with large thorns, maybe, but not just roses. And I know most of these same people would never last a day with Frank. Not because they are bad, or poor parrot keepers, but because Frank is such a difficult parrot to care for.

Anyway, I imagine you feel the same way about Rocky sometimes!