Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last night (lots of videos)

As I previously said, I read a book for an hour or so last night while we waited for Thomas to get home. The greys and caiques were in the kitchen with me. Daphne was in her cage, and Rocky was in the living room.

After emptying the tray of paper, Beeps started pacing around. How does he have so much energy? Also, please note that the stand had been completely washed this weekend, so the messiness is from only 2 days. I do not understand how these tiny beings can create so much mess! Normally the paper in the bottom of the tray makes for super easy clean-up. However, Beeps's insistence on removing said paper from the tray means I'm constantly washing the tray (though obviously not often enough to keep it pristine).

I took a bunch of videos because it was so funny, but am only posting 3 here. They do tend to get repetitive.

Anyway, Max started following Beeps around, itching for a fight. As you can see, Beeps is completely disinterested. This does not stop Max! This went on, seriously, for over an hour. I don't know that the drumbeat sound of little caique nails clicking on the tray will ever completely leave my head.

I love how he stops to eat a dried blueberry, then remembers he doesn't like dried blueberries, and throws it on the ground.

In this video, Stella flies over to me as I'm filming the others:

In this one, Stella goes down to see what all the excitement is about. From Max's body language, you can see she's wary of Stella and not as intent as following Beeps around because she is on the lookout for a Stella attack.

Calypso, on the other stand, also came down to see what the fuss was all about:
After a few minutes, he realized he didn't want to get involved and went back up to the top of his stand.


Beloved Parrot said...

These videos cracked me up!

Would Max or Stella actually hurt Beeps?

Mary said...

Stella has no interest in Beeps. I think she just wanted to be part of the flock. Stella would potentially hurt Max I think, but Max is on her toes and flies away before anything can happen.

Max, with regards to Beeps, is another story. Her interactions seem to be mostly playful, but I think she would hurt him if given the chance.

We do supervise carefully when they're out and try to maintain a balance between letting them work things out on their own as much as possible but interfering when things start to look like they're getting past a playful point.

It's also part of the reason that, even when Beeps is launching flying attacks at us we keep him flighted -- so he can escape from Max.

That's also part of the reason we're planning on keeping our flock similar-sized from now on. If Max beaks at Beeps, he may get a scratch on his nares. If Max beaks at Daphne, she could lose her beak.