Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quotes from last night

My husband is one of the funniest people I know. This results in frequent laughter in our house, which makes the parrots laugh, which makes us laugh even more. Sometimes we say that Thomas is "on" -- when he's so funny that pretty much everything he says makes me laugh. Luckily for me, one of those nights was last night. After a few, I started writing them down to share here, at least the parrot-related ones.

Story 1:

Thomas reached between the parrot stands in the kitchen to open the window. Apparently this upset Beeps, who decided to jump on Thomas's shirt and angrily make his way towards Thomas's head to inflict a bite. I warned him that Beeps was going to bite (Thomas couldn't see his body language since Beeps was on the back of his shirt so didn't know if it was a friendly hop-on or an unfriendly one). With the warning, he was able to safely remove Beeps and avoided a bite.

After returning to the kitchen, Thomas grabbed a broom to sweep. This is a trigger for a Beeps attack, and when Beeps has already shown he's ready to attack, as he had earlier, the probability of an attack nears 100%. I never sweep unless Beeps is safely in his cage. Thomas likes living on the edge a bit more.

Also, if you're looking directly at Beeps, he's much less likely to attack -- he waits until your attention is somewhere else. Whew! Long lead-up for the funny comment.

Thomas: "Cowards attack from behind, Beeps. Cowards."

By managing to sweep while looking at Beeps the entire time, Thomas managed to avoid a bite. As he put the broom away, Thomas said, "Looks like I shamed him into not attacking!"

Story 2:

Stella flew to the floor and approached Thomas's feet. She gently preened him and bowed her head for his feet to give her head pets (like towards the end of this entry). Not getting the results she wanted, she started preening him some more, but not so gently this time. She needed to get her point across! When you don't listen to parrots as they nicely try to get you to do something, they must resort to other tactics!

Thomas: "Don't eat my feet. I know they're enticing...and you wouldn't be the first to say that!"

Since he was busy making pesto, I picked her up and tossed her over to a stand.

Story 3:

Thomas was holding Stella when she decided to regurgitate for him. (She regurgitated to me this morning -- an equal opportunity disguster).

Thomas: "Thanks, but I don't really like regurgitated food."

Maybe you had to be there for that one, but both Max and I found it funny!

Story 4:

Rocky was screaming (shocking, I know). When he quieted down and made vomit sounds, Thomas went into the living room to give him some attention. After giving him some physical attention, he'll usually give him a nut to keep him busy for a few moments. Also, let me note that we'd brought Rocky into the kitchen to be with us at least 4 times earlier in the evening. On his own accord, Rocky would walk back into the living room, and then scream because he was alone.

Thomas was snickering as he returned to the kitchen. I asked why.

Thomas: "I gave him an empty peanut shell. He's going to be mad. He is going to be mad. Eat it, Rock!"

To my relief, he did not seem to mind the empty peanut shell, or at least it didn't make him scream.

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