Monday, July 13, 2009

Stella scenes

I haven't been writing about her too much, but Stella has been doing well. Thomas took this picture of the greys while I was out of the house:
Thomas was thirsty, so he poured himself a glass of water. Stella decided to fly over to him and beg for some water, even though she had some in her cage. From the way she drank, you would have thought we deprived her of water!
Maybe she wishes she were a runner? As I've written about before, even though we do our best to keep her away from the shoes, as it triggers digging/nesting behavior in her, we are not always successful. She rarely perches on the shoes, preferring to dig in the carpet.
Stella turned out to be a wonderful addition to our family. It's still hard for me to believe the curious, intelligent parrot that was lurking underneath the terrified and mutilating exterior we met last year. She really gives me hope for the parrots I see at the rescue and how they might find happiness in the right home.

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