Thursday, July 16, 2009


Last night, Thomas was using a neti pot to clean out his sinuses. Of course, the greys had to come over by him. I was in another room when I heard him exclaim, "I am not a sideshow! Get a hobby!" He often tells the parrots to get a hobby. I remind them that we pretty much are their hobby!As much as he pretends to find their attention annoying, I know he loves it. How wonderful is it that these two amazing, wild creatures are so interested in your every move? That coming to find you is usually near the top of their list of things to do?


Brittney said...

Yeah, I think you have it right, we are our parrots' hobby!

Meg said...

Brave him for using a netti pot.... I know one will help me, but I am really funny about getting anything in my nose, since it is usually very inflamed. I have just got to try it, I know it would help me.

And I know my guys would love to watch the "sideshow" as well!