Thursday, April 21, 2011

Basil and his tool

Everyone is molting at our house right now, and that includes Basil.  I noticed last night that one of his tail feathers was askew and likely to come out soon.  He noticed this before it fell out on his own and I had to get the camera when I saw him like this:
A few minutes later, he started using the base of the feather as a tool to scratch his head.  He must have done this for over 10 minutes.  He will not allow us to scratch his head, so this must have felt really good!
When he dropped the feather, Max started playing with it, though she then dropped it when I tried to get a picture of that.

Back in the kitchen, I thought she might want to play with his feather.  She was initially wary:
But then preened it a bit.  I wonder if it's very different preening an amazon feather than the grey ones she's used to?


Kaspar said...

Of course it is different preening an Amazon feather! It's green and lovely, luxurious superior feathering. None other like it. Okay, so I might be a little biased, but the last time I put my beak to gray plumage, well, let's just say... it was a little bland.

P.S. Hi cousin Basil!

phonelady said...

Oh Im sure it is different and lovely to have a different color feather to scratch with LOL !!! all your birds are adorable .

Beloved Parrot said...

How is Brian?