Friday, April 15, 2011

More Calypso (and a little Stella)

Wednesday evening, Thomas got home a little later than usual.  Rocky was screaming as he wanted dinner right! now! and didn't want to wait for Thomas to come home so we could all eat together.  I waited until he stopped screaming, so as not to reinforce the screaming, and placed their dinner on their cages.  Except for Calypso, who was in the kitchen with me.  I knew if I put his dinner on his cage, Rocky would eat all the good stuff out before Calypso even got a chance to see it.
No cameras, please!

I put his food on the counter and he started eating in the kitchen.  As Calypso's gotten older (we got him when he was 9; he's 16 now), he's started to get unusual feathering.  The colors themselves are consistent for caiques, but not the placement.  For example, he has a few orange feathers mixed in with the black on his head, a few yellow tail feathers mixed in with the usual green ones, and, if you look closely in the picture above, you can see a bit of yellow coloring in the upper part of his formerly pure white chest.
Do you really have to take my picture?

I'm not sure what causes this, or if it's typical among caiques (Beeps is 13 and we haven't noticed any of this with him) but I think it gives Calypso more personality and makes him even more beautiful, if that's possible.
Fine, but I'm just going to pretend you're not there!

Stella got a little bit of the action as well, but only after Calypso had gotten his fill:
My turn! Hope there's some good stuff left!


DoodleBird said...

I missed reading about these cutie pies!

phonelady said...

wow you have such colorful birds and what personalitys huh ?

Mary said...

DB -- great to see you again! Hope all is well!

phonelady -- they do have amazing personalities!