Thursday, April 28, 2011

Accident waiting to happen

Although I do not allow the parrots on my shoulders, Thomas has become lax about this, especially with Rocky and Stella.  He's the one risking facial bites and hearing loss and he knows my stance on this. Yesterday, Rocky had climbed out of his sleeve and onto his shoulder.

Seeing this, Stella had to fly over as well.  He removed them immediately after I took this picture.  Though they are not parrot-aggressive in general, I would not allow him to take chances that something could happen.


phonelady said...

I am the same way with my quakers when one is on my shoulder the other is not allowed because I am deathly afraid they would try and kill each other and they have had their scuffles being Arnold is the agressor I have to watch him more carefully because I dont put anything past him in the way of his safety .

D. Richard said...

I have been very lax for years on this and rather like my parrots on my shoulder and have has as many as 4 at a time , but since I introduced Angle , Linus as well as Hollywood have become aggressive. Hollywood to Angel and Linus in general . Last week Linus was on my shoulder and Angel was near by and Linus started dragging his beak on my shoulder . A sign of impending doom . I went to grab the perch but was to late . 2 bites on my neck and 16 --- Yes 16 on my hand and wrist , all drawing blood and some flesh missing .
Linus has only been out of the cage once since . When my hand heals I will let him out more with much more caution.
Its to bad really , I love to play with Linus , He runs down my arm , climbs into my sleeve and come out my neck over and over .

Beloved Parrot said...

D. Richard -- I hope you heal soon and that you could feel comfortable letting Linus out sooner. You know, of course, he has no idea why he's being "grounded" (if he's noticed); he was just being a parrot. You have my sympathy; a bad parrot bite is just awful.

It's a constant battle trying to keep Charli off my shoulder, but I'm keeping after it. She can give horrible bites to my fingers or arms; I don't even want to think what she might do to my face.

D. Richard said...

Actually Linus and Charles Dickens as well as Ruby are out now , They have a room to them selves .
Think it was a hormonal thing this time of year ? I have never really dealt with the problem before .
Normally I can take quite a bite with nary a flinch . That time he was tearing out bites of flesh. I had to check for red eyes { a sure sign of possession by a daemon }