Friday, April 29, 2011

Max vs. socks

Oh, how I wish I had a video of this, but my description will have to suffice.

Yesterday morning, Max was on her stand in the kitchen.  Thomas came downstairs, dressed for work, and threw his socks on the table while he went to get his shoes.  As he threw his socks, Max flew over and tackled the socks, mid-air.  Then, socks clenched in her feet, she rolled on her back and started attacking the socks.  She rolled over a few times and fell off of the table, landing on the floor, where she continued to wrestle with the socks while on her back.  (For a partial image of what this looked like, see Homeless Parrot's header -- but instead of Titus with a spoon, picture Max aggressively attacking socks.)

We could not stop laughing.  Attempts to recreate this for the camera were unsuccessful.


Brittney said...

That had to be halrious! Too bad you didn't get it on camera, that would have been fun to see!

Michelle said...

How much I would have loved to see that! Did she catch them mid air like a raptor catches its prey? I bet this frolic left you and Thomas in stitches....I know it would me.

Love your flock...they are a hoot!

Beloved Parrot said...

That does it! From now on, stand around with a camera in your hands!!!