Thursday, April 7, 2011

Crying wolf


This morning, the greys, Brian, Thomas, and I are in the kitchen.  The caiques are in their cages in the living room.  Basil and Rocky are out of their cages, in the living room.  Rocky wanders around but is not bird aggressive and usually is ripping up the cage liner in Beeps's or Stella's cage.  Basil stays on his cage door, happy to be out.  We listen for trouble.

End of background.

Basil, who has very talkative all morning, starts yelling, rhythmically, "Help! Help! Help! Help!"  We have never heard this before, so we go in to make sure that Rocky hasn't climbed on his cage -- nope.  A few minutes pass, during which time he goes through his normal routine "I got your foot, Bas! Peek-a-boo!  Hello Basil!" etc.  Then again, "Help! Help! Help! Help!" but upon inspection, no help was necessary.

Cracked us up.  I guess he was a little lonely.


Christine Lee said...

Dear Mary,

Hello! I am Christine from Taiwan, and I wrote to you about how I love reading Rocky posts a while ago.

I remember you mentioned that Rocky loves his "nesting balls" (little plastic balls), but that they were hard to come by in the US.

They are sold cheaply in nearly every pet store in Taiwan, so I wanted to ask you if you would like me to send some to you / Rocky?

Plus, I would also like to donate some to your rescue center, if it would help!

If you feel that this would be helpful, I would be more than happy to send them to adorable Rocky!

Best regards,


PS. I'm sorry that you won't be able to read my blog since it is in Chinese, but there are photos of my own linnies and cockatiel!

Beloved Parrot said...

Basil could be saying something he heard on TV or something (which I'm sure you already know).