Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend of running and birding

Thomas and I took yesterday off as we needed to get another long run in.  I am very much looking forward to this race being done so we can go back to normal amounts of running.  Yesterday we left the house before 7 am and got home after 2 pm.  Five and a half hours of running as well as driving out to the trail.  Why are we doing this again?

In happier news, our first year Northern Flicker of the year arrived.  He spent a long time foraging for ants in our backyard:

Yesterday, we also saw our first of the year yard White-breasted Nuthatch and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker -- at the same time!  As we were trying to look at them, Max kept flying to our heads and tapping on our binoculars with her beak.  Typical.

Speaking of Max, here's another dirty beak picture:

While out birding on Sunday, as we were leaving, we noticed a turkey staring at her reflection in the glass of the nature center building.  Evidence suggests she does this regularly.  We told her to go and find a real turkey to befriend, but I don't think she understands English.

Back at home, Stella was standing on her perch, staring out the window.  Interesting parallel with the turkey.


Elizabeth said...

I love wild turkeys!

Mary said...

I do, too. We've been running a lot on the trails, so have been hearing them frequently. Yesterday we surprised two of them who were on the trails in front of us. They are gorgeous!