Monday, April 25, 2011


Max continues in her hormonal ways.  For her, this manifests itself in the near constant demand for head pets.  If she's on a stand and we walk by, she starts petting her own head while looking at us.  If we're at another location, she flies over and rams her head into our hand while saying "want some!"
Sometimes she'll decide to look for food instead; she was sad when she thought she'd scored a coup on our dinner, but it turned out to be empty dishes:
That night's consolation prize?  Head pets, of course:


Beloved Parrot said...

Poor baby! First you never feed those birds and then you mock her with an empty dish. The least you can do is devote yourself 24/7 to providing scritches! ;-)

phonelady said...

Oh my what a sad bird she got nothing for her efforts. Poor girl.