Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bath time!

Max was being extremely irritating this morning -- constantly flying over and "helping" me get food in the crock pot for tonight's dinner.  I decided that was a sign for me to help her burn off some excess energy by taking a bath.  Max loves to be sprayed!  This is good exercise for her, as when she gets too wet she does a lap around the room (and then returns for more).  She also moves around a lot as I'm spraying her to make sure everything gets wet.  And I move to different locations she has to fly to in order to keep getting sprayed.  It's kind of hard to make a video of myself doing this, so here I just had her go to different parts on her stand.

I do not know at what point she would be ready to call it quits on bathing herself.  The longest my hand has been able to stand has been two refills of the spray bottle -- and she still wanted more!

After the bath, she and Calypso (who likes to only get a little wet) each got a piece of carrot as a treat (I was chopping them up for dinner and she kept saying "want some!")

One last wet Max picture:


Pamela said...

Wow, Harley NEVER gets that wet!

The Homeless Parrot said...

Ok, WTF? Titus hates to get wet. He loves to sit on the shower stall when I'm showering, but getting him wet - no way, no how! My conure, Epi, on the other hand, would live in the sink, if she could.

Dawn said...

You need to get one of those pump sprayers. Once you pump it, it just keeps spraying until the pressure wears off. Much easier on the hands!

Beloved Parrot said...

Yeah -- what Dawn said! They're called Mister Moto. They're made in China (of course) and run on batteries and the big ones (green) were/are made for reptiles. The smaller ones are yellow, but most of those have problems. You can see/purchase them at Dr. Foster (and whoever else that is). All you do is set it to spray or steam, let your finger press the trigger and just stand there. It's GREAT!!!

Luckybird said...

Or, you could let her stand on the shower floor like Lucky does. He's so funny in there. He holds his little face up to the water with his eyes closed. He doesn't like getting his tummy wet, though.