Friday, April 15, 2011

In which the greys are not helpful

I've recently started a new routine on Thursdays.  I usually leave work a bit early and go up to the rescue where I volunteer.  This means I'm not always home at 5 if I get busy doing something.  In order to make sure that dinner is always ready and I don't feel guilty for staying a bit longer at the rescue, I've been making something in the crock pot (usually a vegetarian lasagna) that morning.

Yesterday, I left the greys unattended in the kitchen while I ran upstairs for a second.  Thomas had chopped a bunch of the veggies before leaving for work, but he was gone by the time this happened.  I returned downstairs to find that Max had helped herself to some of the unattended cauliflower:
 No big deal, especially as it appeared as though she were actually eating it and not just destroying it as a game.  Though it was funny that as soon as she saw me, she flew over to the table, as though I was going to take the vegetable away from her?  She should know better!

I had to leave the room again for a few minutes, and returned to chaos!  Max had started throwing the cauliflower out of the bowl, not even eating it.  Possibly she saw the carrots and was trying to get down a level?

Additionally, Stella had joined her on the counter and started making inroads on the mushrooms:

This goofiness continued for a few minutes, with not much of the lasagna getting made.  Finally, I put them in their cages and was able to finish assembling in order to still get to work on a timely basis.

Speaking of the rescue, I had kind of a rough day up there yesterday.  There are two wonderfully sweet severe macaws up for adoption.  I spent quite some time scratching their heads and reminding myself we can't take anyone else home.  Both were certainly neglected, possibly abused, and suffer permanent physical deformities due to their past care.  And they are still loving (yet homeless).  There is also an amazing timneh who spent some time on my arm, continually aiming kiss sounds at my direction.  And then of course a few adorable quakers, a charming blue and gold macaw, and so many others.  As always, I just feel like I should be able to do more.  Blech.

Enough of that.  It's Friday!  Thomas and I have tons of running to do this weekend.  We also have plenty of other things that need to get done, but we may be so exhausted from the running that napping becomes a high priority.  And I'll be OK with that.  Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend!


phonelady said...

Omg those greys certainly keep you on your toes .

Beloved Parrot said...

It occurred to me you might like this blog:

She's a wildlife vet, very positive and enthusiastic about her job.

Mary said...

phonelady -- if I didn't have the greys, there is no way I'd post so frequently since they seem to get in the most trouble :)

BP -- thanks so much for the link!