Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sleeve buddy

Rocky continues his all-out assault on our hearing.  As happens on occasion, he is agitated, which results in near-constant screaming.  I know this will end in a few weeks, assuming he follows the pattern, but it is very difficult to live with!

He usually doesn't scream when he's on Thomas; unfortunately, Thomas has things to do and can't always have a macaw perched on him.  He's found a handy way to stash Rocky -- in his sleeve:


phonelady said...

You know I taught my green quaker Arnold to climb up me in case of a fire all I had to do was tell him to hang on and he has pretty much learned to do that . However with Martin , my blue quaker I m debating wheather or not to teach him that little trick . I guess i am going through the maybe yes maybe no phase of bird training , LOL !!!

Beloved Parrot said...

Wow -- you two may have created the next multimillion dollar idea! A portable sleeve for parrots. Just hook it onto your arm so the parrot climbs in and can "supervise" you as you go about your day!