Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I had Brian on my shoulder recently, so his cage door was open.  Rocky saw this and climbed right in (Thomas closed the door and took a picture.)  Rocky did not mind being locked inside -- he just ate some of Brian's food and played with his toys.  He tried unsuccessfully to perch on the budgie-sized boing.  After we took some pictures, we let him out again.
A macaw in a budgie cage?  Madness!

Later, Thomas was heading away from me down the hall when I asked him a question, he returned, but I could only see what was in his hand -- Thomas was manipulating him so it was as if Rocky had asked me to repeat myself.  I responded by saying it was an unpleasant surprise.
What did you say?


D. Richard said...

thought you might get a kick out of mr. Bean and his parrot
go to youtube and type or copy and paste in the following v=fveMULo_g8o&NR=1&feature=fvwp

Saemma said...

What a cutie he is!

I was wondering something. I know that Severe Macaws are also called Chestnut Fronted Parrots. Do you know how they also got the name Severe Macaw? It doesn't bother me so much anymore but I used to feel that it sounded kind of negative.

D. Richard said...

Saemma , I think you are pronouncing Severe with the second e as a long e , pronounce it with the first e as a long e and the next e as a short e and the last as silent
The way you are pronouncing it as Severe weather which makes it sound harsh

Mary said...

Saemma, I'm searching around to see if I can find the origin of their name. The severe macaw's scientific name is Ara severa, so I'm guessing that's why it's "severe macaw" in English, though I'm not sure why the word "severa" was chosen for the scientific name. If I can find anything out, I'll post it in an entry so you don't have to check the comments!

Saemma said...

D. Richard..

Thanks so much for this info. I really had no clue. Indeed, it is true that I've been pronouncing it like *severe weather*

so it should be pronounced as..Seevur

D. Richard said...

Yep thats the way most people do Seever or Seevur

Sea--vur as the last part of Picture

Sorry I dont know how to type the phonetic way on this IBM I could do it on my old Mac but it went tango uniform on me

Mary said...

There may be regional differences -- but I always say severe like severe weather, and that's how I've always head it pronounced as well.